• Liability waiver (click to download it) has to be entirely completed then signed and brought before starting tour.
  • Read “Advices for a safe tour” (click to download it) in order to take a safe and pleasurable tour.
  • Tours routes may be modified or their duration reduced or even cancelled in case of weather and/or lake adverse conditions (strong winds, thunderstorms, Etc.)
  • The “Safety” jacket must be worn for full tour duration.
  • It’s a good rule to navigate always near the coast and constantly mantain contact with the group.
  • Never take personal decisions that could put your own safety or group safety at risk.
  • Always mantain high attention to the atmospheric conditions (on Lake Como the atmospheric condition may change suddenly).
  • Every tour participant is directly responsable for the equipment given (kayak, paddles, safety jackets, waterproof bags)
  • People with seious physical impediments of cardiovascular disease are not recommended for these tours. The tours are not overly strenous but require a minimum amount of physical activity.
  • All participants under 18 years age participants must be accompanied by a parent, or a direct relative or by an adult over 18 years of age who is directly responsable.
  • It’s suggested to use sport clothes suitable to the often quickly changing weather conditions, and to bring a complete change of clothe.
  • Waterproof bags will be provided to put documents, mobile, watches and other small personal objects.
  • Bellagio Water Sports is not responsable for losing and/or damaging of the personal objects put in the waterproof bag as the bag themselves are given directly to the participant and thus under the care of the participant himself/herself.

Documents available for download:

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Tours are only upon advanced appointment
Reservationis mandatory
We are open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30AM until 4.30PM
On Sunday from 8.30AM until 2.30PM
(Due to heavy motorboats traffic which is potentially dangerous for rowing boats: kayak, sup, other)

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