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This web application collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Responsible for Data Treatment
Michele Gandola
Via Visconti 3
22021 – Bellagio (CO)

Collected Data Types

Among personal data collected by this application, autonomously or through third parties, there are: Privacy Policy agreement and Usage Data.
Other collected Personal Data could be indicated in other sections of this privacy policy or through advise texts visualized contextually with same Data collection.
Personal Data can be voluntarily inserted by User, or automatically collected during this Application usage.

Possible Cookie usage – or other tracking tools – by this Application or owners of third parties services used for this Application, where not differently specified, has purpose to identify User and record relative preferences for purposes strictly tied to supply service as requested by User.

Lacking provision by User of some Personal Data may prevent this Application to supply its own services.

User takes responsibility about third persons Personal Data that are published or shared through this Application and pledges to have right to communicate or diffuse them, releasing the Owner from any responsibility towards third persons.

Modalities and treatment place for collected Data
Treatment modalities

The Owner treats Users Personal Data adopting appropriate safety measure in order to block not authorized Personal Data access, disclosure and distribution.

Treatment is made through IT technology methods, with organizational and logical modalities strictly tied to indicated purposes. Beyond Owner, in some cases, appointees, involved in website organization (administrative, commercial marketing, legal, personnel; system administrators) and external subjects (as technical seervices suppliers, post couriers, hosting provider, IT societies, communication agencies) named if necessary Treatment Responsibles by the owner, could have access to Data. Updated Responsibles list could always be requested to Treatment Owner.


Data are trated at Owner operative locations and in any other place where parties involved in treatment are localized. For further informations, contact the Owner.


Data are treated for the time necessary to User requested service development, or requested by the purposes described in this document, and User can always ask stop of Treatment or Data cancellation.

Collected Data Treatment purposes

User’s Data are collected to allow to Owner to supply his/her own services, as for following purposes: Contact User and Statistic.

Personal Data types used for each purpose are indicated in this document specific sections.

Details about Personal Data treatment

Personal Data are collected with following purposes and using following services:

  • Recording data necessary for correct Application operation: It automatically records User’s session data during website browsing
  • Recording User’s acceptance of this Privacy Policy: It records given User’s acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

Other Cookie types or third parties instruments that could make use of them

Some of the services listed below could request User agreement or could be managed directly by the owner – without third party aid.
Whenever between following listed instruments there could be srvices managed by third parties, these ones could – in addition to what specified and also without direct knowledge of the Owner – make tracking activities of the User. For detailed informations, it is suggested to consult listed services privacy policies.

Social networks and Third Party platforms iteraction

These services allow to manage iteractions with social networks, or with other third party platforms, directly
form this Application pages.
Iteractions and informations acquired by this Application are always subjected to User privacy settings for each social network.
In case it is already installed a social network iteraction service, it is possible that, also if Users are not using this service, this service collect traffic data related to the pages where it is installed.
Application use: Youtube Video Widget (Google Inc.), Tripadvisor review Widget ( and Accuweather weather forecast Widget (
Youtube is a streaming video platform managed by Google Inc. and allows this Application to integrate these contents embed in its pages.

Collected Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data.


Services contained in this section allow to Data Treatment Owner to monitorize and analyze traffic data and used to track User behaviour.

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.):
    Google Analytics is an analysis tool supplied by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses collected Personal Data to track and examine this Application usage, managing reports and share them with
    other Google owned services.
    Google may use Personal Data to contextualize and customize its own advertising network ads.Collected personal data: Cookies and Usage Data
    Place of treatment : USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out
  • Maps:
    If requested Google Inc. servers record data necessary to geographical maps functioning.
    Place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

Informations about Cookies

Cookies to record session data in order to ensure Application correct behaviour, thse cookies are described in respective sections.

  • Cookie to record this Privacy Policy acceptance
  • cc_cookie_accept
Cookie for Statistics

These cookies are necessary to Statistics service to function, describbed in respective section:

  • NID _ut*, _ga*
    Google Analytics Cookie.
Cookies for Geographical Maps

These cookie may be recorded by Google Inc. to manage Geographical Maps publication.

Cookie for third party platforms contents

YouTube, these cookies are described in respective section.
These cookies may be recorded by Google Inc. to manage video emebedding and streaming through widgets embedded in this website.

Cookies for third party platforms contents

Tripadvisor, these cookies are described below.

These cookies may be recirded by Tripadvisor to manage informations embeded in this website through its widgets.

  • CM ServerPool TACds TASSK TASession TATravelInfo TAUnique
Cookies for thrid party external platforms contents

Accuweather, these cookies are described below.
These cookies may be registered by Accuweather to manage weather forecasts through its widgets emebedded in this website.


As Cookies and other third party tracking systems installation is managed by third parties through services embed in this Application it cannot be technically controlled by the Owner, any specific referement to Cookies and other installed third parties tracking systems is to be considered as indicative.
To get complete informations, view possible privacy policy of third parties services listed in this document.

Further informations about treatment

Defense in arbitration

User’s Personal Data can be used by the Owner for legal defense during preparatory phases of its possible introduction, from same defense usage abuses or abuses of related services used by User.
User declares to be aknowledged that Owner could be requested to reveal Data upon request by public authorities.

Specifical informations

Upon User’s request, further to informations contained in this privacy policy, this Application may supply to User of additional and contextual informations regarding specific services, or Personal Data collection and treatment.

System Log and mainteinance

For necessities tied to operation and mainteinance, this Application and possible third parties services used by this Application may collect system Logs, that are file recording iterations and that can contain also Personal Data, as User’s IP address.

Informations not contained in this policy

Further informations related to Personal Data treatment can be requested in any moment to Treatment Owner using contact informations.

Right practice by Users

Subjects that are referred by Personal Data have the right to obtain existence or not confirmation of same data in any moment by Treatment Owner, to know content and origin, to verify exactitude and ask integration, cancellation, update, adjustment, transformation in anonymous way or block of Personal Data treated under law breaking, and also to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment. Requests must be addressed to Treatment Owner.

This Application doesn’t support “Do Not Track” requests. To know if possible used third parties services supports them, consult their privacy policy.

Modification to this privacy policy

Treatment Owner reserves right to produce modifications to this privacy policy in any moment giving advice to Users on this page. Then it is asked to browse this page frequently, taking as reference last modification date indicated at the bottom. In case of non acceptance of produced modifications to this present privacy policy, User is in duty bond to cease this Application usage and can request to Treatment Owner to remove his/her Personal Data. Except what differently specified, previous privacy policy will continue to be applied to Personal Data collected until that time.

Informations about this privacy policy

Data Treatment Owner is responsible for this privacy policy.

Definitions and legal references

Personal Data

Personal Data is any information related to physical person, identified or not identifiable, also indirectly, through refererence to any other information, also included person identification number.

Usage Data

Usage Data are informations collected automatically by this Application (or by third parties applications that this Application uses), between them: IP addresses or domain names of computers used by User that connects to this Application, addresses in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier), requests times, used method in making request to server, reply file dimension, numeric code indicating server response status (positive ending, error, etc.), origin Country, User used browser and operative system characteristics, visit temporal connotations (in example permanence time on each page) and details related to the path followed through the Application, with particular reference to browsed pages, to parameters related to User’s operative system and hardware environment.


Individual using this Application, that must coincide with Affected or be authorized by Affected where his/her Personal Data are object of treatment.


Physical or Juridical person to whom Personal Data are referred to.

Treatment Responsible (or Responsibles)

Physical person, juridical, public administration or any other body, association or organism appointed by Owner to Personal Data TReatment, as what arranged in present privacy policy.

Treatment Owner (or Owners)

Physical person, juridical, public administration or any other body, association or organism in charge, also in together with owner, of decisions about purposes, modalities of personal data treatment and used tools, including safety profile, related to operation and fruition of this Application. Treatment Owner, except what differently specified, is the owner of this Application.

This Application

Hardware or software tool through which Users Personal Data are collected.


Small data portion recorded internally to User device.

Legal References

Advice to European Users: this privacy note has been written in observance to duties expected by Art. 10 of n. 95/46/CE Directive, as well as expected by 2002/58/CE Directive, as updated by 2009/136/CE Directive, about Cookie.

This privacy note is exclusively about this Application

Privacy Policy Last Updated on May 31st 2015

How can I manage Cookies in my browser ?

User can manage Cookie related preferences directly in his/her browser and block cookies installation from third parties.

Through browser preferences it is also possible to delete al Cookies installed in the past, including Cookies containing possible consense to installation by this website.

It is important to note that unabling all Cookies, this website operation may be compromised.

You can find informations about Cookie management in your browser at following addresses:

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