The ducks are for sure the main birds who are present at Pescallo Bay , within other species like seagulls , swans & other little birds. Every morning is a great loudy concert at Pescallo Bay !!!   Enjoy the Lake !!    

Bellagio San Giovanni

Today I’m heading out to San Giovanni , one of the many hamlets of Bellagio-Lake Como. San Giovanni is about 30 minutes walking distance from the town center of Bellagio , by the time you’ll get the Church Square you’ll be amazed by the Great Lake view . You’ll be able to see all the…


it’s time to visit Bellagio !! Bellagio aka ” The pearl of Lake Como ” is located right in the middle of the 3 sections of the Lake , surrounded by towering mountains get the unique chance to join a kayak tour with Bellagiowatersports Enjoy the Lake !!!